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Confidently Insecure

Feb 17, 2020

OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW -kelsey getting ready for this episode. 


Seriously, could a pain flare (the worst of 2 years) have shown up at a better/worse time than during the recording of this podcast episode with LE DJ KAP SLAP JARED LUCASS?! Kelsey talks about being confidently insecure about the current virus...

Feb 10, 2020

TRIGGER WARNING: emotional and physical abuse

If you have questions about relationships and emotional or physcial abuse please visit:

same sex relationships:

Feb 3, 2020

TRIGGER WARNING: talk of kobe and sexual assault 

SO LIKE - if we have 7 mins left before the world is about to end who would you call? what would you eat? would you call your mom or your ex? DID YOU KNOW 19 YEAR OLDS HAVE ACCESS TO OUR NUCLEAR WEAPONS?????

Chris Reinacher (@chrisreinacher &

Jan 28, 2020

WOW!!! Okay, before you drag me about the audio, know that I had SEVEN GIRLS on at the same time to talk about VAGINAS, pregnancy, freezing your eggs, and all the shit that comes with it SO CAN WE GIVE OLE KELSEY A BREAK?!

IM SO THRILLED to bring on this week not only DEVIN LYLE (@devlytle) who is a brilliant producer...

Jan 20, 2020

A love story of 2 fuckbois who met and thought they'd never ever EVER do traditional shit like fall in love or god forbid...MOVE IN WITH EACH OTHER!!!

Why yes, Kelsey and Jared and both sworn off commitment until they were in their 30's but as the saying goes "it always happens when you least except it especially when...